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Current Scholars

The Chemical Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce the appointments of the Beckman Center Fellows for the academic year 2010–11.

CHF welcomes six long-term fellows and ten short-term fellows. Below are the fellows, their affiliations, and the titles of their research projects.

Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Tayra Maria Carmen Lanuza-Navarro • Edelstein Fellow (University of Valencia, Spain): “Alchemy, astrology and books of secrets: ideas and practices before the Spanish Inquisition”

  • Donna A. Messner • Cain Fellow (University of Pennsylvania):“The Origins of Medical Foods and their Regulation”

  • Cesare Pastorino • Cain Fellow (Indiana University): “‘Minerall Tryalls’: Metal Assaying and Experiment in Early Modern England”

  • Nasser Zakariya • Haas Fellow (Harvard University): “The Matter of Life: The Role of Chemistry in the Scientific Epic”

Long-Term Dissertation Fellows

  • Melanie Kiechle • Haas Fellow (Rutgers University): “’The Air We Breathe’: Nineteenth-Century Americans and the Search for Fresh Air”

  • Christine Nawa • Price Fellow (Universität Regensburg, Germany): “Robert Wilhelm Bunsen’s research style and his teaching”

  • Evan Ragland • Sidney M. Edelstein Fellow (Indiana University): “Chymistry and Medicine in Low Countries in the 17th Century: Laboratories and Experiments, Acids, and Alkalis”

  • Bess Williamson • Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellow (University of Delaware): “The Right to Design: Disability and Access in the United States, 1945–1990”

Short-Term Fellows

  • José Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez • Doan Fellow, 1 month (University of Valencia, Spain): “Between Science and Crime: Mateu Orfila and nineteenth-century toxicology”

  • Matthew Crawford • Herdegen Fellow, 3 months (Kent State University): “Chemistry in the Eighteenth-Century Spanish Atlantic: An Underappreciated Imperial Science?”

  • William Goodwin • Allington Fellow, 2 months (Rowan University): “Resolving a Controversy: The Non-Classical Ion Debate”

  • Catherine (Cai) Guise-Richardson • Ullyot Scholar, 2 months (Mississippi State University): “Mind and Matter: the Development and Marketing of Thorazine and Stelazine at Smith, Kline & French”

  • Vangelis Koutalis • Allington Fellow, 3 months (University of Ioannina, Greece): “The Historical Significance of Chemistry as a Philosophical Inquiry”

  • Jordi Mora Casanova •  CHF Fellow, 3 months (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain): “Alchemical reminiscences of modern chemists in 19th century”

  • Alexander Pechenkin •  Allington Fellow, 2 months (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia): “The social history of quantum chemistry in the USSR (1950-1991)”

  • Linda Richards Doan Fellow, 3 months (Oregon State University): “Disrupting Hozho: A Comparative History of Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety in University Research and Uranium Mining”

  • John Stewart Allington Fellow, 2 months (University of Oklahoma): “Affinity Across the Disciplines: The Centrality of Chemistry in 18th-Century Science”

  • Brigitte Van Tiggelen • Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) Fellow, 3 months (Mémosciences / Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium): “The Chemists’ Blues: The History of Prussian Blue and Modern Chemistry”

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