Year-End Giving


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Gifts before December 31 Receive the Full Value of a 2012 Tax Deduction

As another year draws to a close, your support is appreciated more than ever. A 2012 year-end gift to CHF is mutually beneficial: CHF receives the full value of the contribution, and you receive the full value of the tax deduction.

A selection of year-end gift ideas appears on our website. We hope you’ll consider making a gift online to benefit CHF before December 31. It is your generosity that enables our programs, initiatives, and critical operations.

Smart strategies for giving to CHF

Almost 80% of all charitable giving to nonprofit organizations, like CHF, comes from individuals like you. Charitable giving is a personal and often emotional decision. However, there’s no reason why you can’t use smart strategies to make your year-end charitable gift to CHF go further.

  • Avoid capital gains
    Contributing appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual-fund shares lets you enjoy the deduction for the full current value and avoid capital-gains tax.

  • Charitable gift annuities
    While CDs and money-market accounts pay 1%, we work with the the Philadelphia Foundation to offer you a charitable gift annuity that pays you many times that in interest while providing you with a charitable deduction.

  • Give online
    Save a stamp and check by going online to our  secure donation page.

As always, we encourage you to seek advice from your accountant or financial adviser to find the best option for you. For more information please contact Denise Creedon.

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