Otto Röhm and Otto Haas Conference Room

With its sweeping view of Independence National Historic Park, the home of perhaps the most important meeting in American history, this room offers a sophisticated setting that combines the best of technology and culture.

Unique Features

  • Fully-wired speaker’s lectern
  • Ceiling-mounted LCD Projector and dropdown screen 
  • Large 15-foot whiteboard wall
  • High-back executive seating

Capacity and Room Layouts

  • Conference: 20 people
  • U-Shaped: 20 people
  • Hollow Square: 20 people
  • Theater: 50 people
  • Classroom: 30 people
  • Banquet: 40 people
  • Reception: 60 people


  • 24 ft. W x 26 ft. L (666 sq. ft.)

Find out more 

For more information about the venue or to book a space, simply call 877.CHF.4550 or e-mail

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