Views from the Top: Executive Perspectives on Key Issues Facing the Biopharmaceutical Industry

On June 29, 2011, CHF hosted a session at the BIO International Convention entitled “Views from the Top: Executive Perspectives on Key Policy Issues Facing the Biopharmaceutical Industry.”

CHF chancellor Arnold Thackray, Biotechnology Heritage Award winner Joshua Boger, Peter J. Solomon Company vice chairman Frederick Frank, and GlycoMimetics, Inc., CEO Rachel King sat down for a lively discussion of key policy issues, past and present, facing the biopharmaceutical industry. Topics included start-ups, the changing relationship between policy and venture funding, R&D, changes in personalized medicine, globalization, biosimilars, and other key subjects.

Here are clips from each speaker, and a special bonus clip from Burrill & Company CEO and session attendee G. Steven Burrill.

Joshua Boger

Founder, former Chairman and CEO, and Board Member, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Clip description:

Biopharmaceutical entrepreneurs can face an uphill battle when seeking venture capital. The solution, says Boger, is not to pitch a particular product. Rather, communicate your broader vision.

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Frederick Frank

Vice Chairman, Peter J. Solomon Company

Clip description:

Patent expirations and shifts in reimbursement policy are changing the dynamic between best-in-class and first-in-class drugs. Frank predicts that as a result, large pharmaceutical companies will have to adapt their approach to drug development.

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Rachel King

Founder and CEO, GlycoMimetics, Inc.

Clip description:

Today’s investors increasingly demand that biopharmaceuticals address such issues as clinical-trial design, regulations, and reimbursements. But King remains hopeful that all stakeholders in the process will come together to drive innovation.

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G. Steven Burrill

Chief Executive Officer, Burrill & Company

Clip description:

Burrill discusses the idea that “every piece of science deserves a company” and reflects on the changes in the process by which good ideas become companies that have occurred over the careers of the speakers.

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