Winthrop-Sears Medal

The Chemists’ Club’s Winthrop-Sears Medal was established in 1970 to recognize individuals who, by their entrepreneurial action, have contributed to the vitality of the chemical industry and the betterment of humanity. Named in honor of two of colonial America’s earliest chemical entrepreneurs, John Winthrop, Jr., and John Sears, the medal has been given out jointly with CHF since 2003.

Past medalists include Sol J. Barer, Herbert W. Boyer, Gordon Cain, Robert W. Gore, Jon M. Huntsman, James Mack, Ralph Landau, Peter McCausland, Leonard Pool, George Rosenkranz, Zsolt Rumy, Phillip A. Sharp, Harold A. Sorgenti, Daniel Terra, Haldor Topsøe, and Alejandro Zaffaroni.

About The Chemists’ Club

The Chemists’ Club is one of the oldest and most respected chemical organizations in the country. It is an association of individuals engaged in management, marketing, processing, and research and development.

Past Medalists

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