Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Award for Supporting Industries

Alan Walton

Alan Walton.

2013 Winner: Alan Walton

Alan Walton, senior general partner at Oxford Bioscience Partners, received the 2013 Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Award for Supporting Industries on Heritage Day, April 4, 2013.

Before his 20-year tenure at Oxford Partners, Walton founded and was president and CEO of University Genetics, one of the first biotechnology companies. He previously held professorships at Harvard Medical School, Indiana University, and Case Western Reserve University, where he was director of the Macromolecular Biology Center.

Walton is best known for his work on the invention and commercialization of differential gene analysis, a diagnostic tool now widely used in identifying types of cancer and other diseases, as well as financing and promoting the initial sequencing of the human genome. He also financed the team that developed baby-formula additives that have inhibited or prevented mental retardation in premature and newborn babies worldwide.

Walton has served on the boards of 20 companies. He is also the winner of several international awards and honors, including the Israel Medal of Science. In 2012 he was appointed as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his services to the U.K. biotechnology industry and for promoting advances in Anglo-American biological commerce. He has authored over 120 scientific articles and 10 books.

Walton holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and a D.Sc. in biological chemistry from Nottingham University, and in 2005 received an honorary L.L.D. degree from Nottingham University for his lifetime achievement in life sciences. In 2007 he was elected Emeritus University Adjunct Professor at Case Western Reserve University.

About the Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Award for Supporting Industries

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) established the Award for Supporting Industries in 2006. The inaugural award went to Richard J. Bolte, Sr., founder and chairman of BDP International. In 2007 CHF renamed the award the Richard J. Bolte, Sr., Award for Supporting Industries. The award is presented annually by CHF to recognize outstanding contributions by a leader who provides products or services vital to the continuing growth and development of the chemical and molecular sciences community.

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