Brown Bag Lecture: “A History of Sweat Science, Followed by a Detour to Science behind the Berlin Wall”

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A talk by Sarah Everts

Humans sweat in copious amounts, but most of us do our best to pretend we don’t perspire at all. Everts worked on a book on the science and culture of sweat and researched the historical component of the book at CHF. In her talk, she discussed the “sweate” epidemics that killed thousands in England during the 14th and 15th centuries, or the 16th-century medical researcher Santorius Santorius, who religiously measured his perspiration (among other bodily fluids) as part of his intricate weight-control strategies.

Everts also discussed another topic close to her heart: chemistry behind the Berlin Wall. 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of its construction, and she discussed how scientists worked behind it.

Sarah Everts is a science journalist. She is the European correspondent for Chemical & Engineering News based in Berlin and has freelanced for a variety of media outlets, including the Economist, the New Scientist, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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