Advanced Materials: Stories of Innovation

On February 22, 2012, CHF and Discover magazine presented Advanced Materials: Stories of Innovation, a symposium about what drives and nurtures material innovation today, and how these cutting-edge materials are woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

Ivan Amato, author of Stuff: The Materials the World Is Made Of, led a lively discussion with six industry experts:

  • Thomas M. Connelly, Jr.
    Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, DuPont
  • Ryan Dirkx
    Vice President, Research and Development, Arkema Inc.
  • Mark Doriski
    Global Intermediates Technology Manager, ExxonMobil Chemical Company
  • Gregory Nelson
    Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Eastman Chemical Company
  • Christopher D. Pappas
    President and CEO, Styron
  • A. N. Sreeram
    Vice President, Research and Development, Advanced Materials Division, The Dow Chemical Company

See Tom Tritton’s blog post, “Material Girl,” for reflections on this symposium.



This symposium was presented in partnership with Discover magazine, CHF’s media partner.


This event was made possible with generous support from the following:



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