Papermaking with Richard Aldorasi

Papermaking screen

Photo courtesy of Flickr user vlasta2.

Who says we live in a paperless age? Visitors stepped back in time—and away from the computer—to learn old papermaking techniques using linen and cotton. 

Richard Aldorasi, of the Philadelphia Handmade Paper Company, showed visitors how to use authentic handmade laid wire moulds to create their own sheets of linen and cotton rag paper. 

Richard Aldorasi founded the Philadelphia Handmade Paper Company/World Art Project in 1989. He conducts hands-on programs and workshops in papermaking, Turkish (ebru) and Japanese Suminagashi marbling. As a working artist for over 40 years, he has shared and applied these ancient techniques while working with 100% authentic tools.

This project was supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Heritage Philadelphia Program.



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