P. Roy Vagelos in conversation with Arnold Thackray and Jeff Sturchio

P. Roy Vagelos

December 2, 2009
Ullyot Meeting Hall, CHF

Early in his career P. Roy Vagelos served as head surgeon at the National Institutes of Health and chairman of the Department of Biological Chemistry at Washington University’s School of Medicine. In 1975 Vagelos joined Merck and Co., where he revitalized R&D, leading Merck to be named "most admired" corporation by Fortune 500 leaders for seven consecutive years.

In CHF's inaugural History Live event, Vagelos engaged Arnold Thackray, CHF's founding president, and Jeff Sturchio, president and CEO of the Global Health Council, in lively conversation on topics from river blindness to corporate responsibility.

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This History Live event was generously supported by Stephen Starr Events and Merck & Co., Inc.

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