JPS Symposium: “Battery Innovations as the Driving Force Creating Major Markets”

From left to right: Wayne Tamarelli, Chair, Joseph Priestley Society; Albert Koenig; Brijesh Vyas; Kevin Smith; Kathryn Bullock; and Patrick T. Moseley. Photograph by Conrad Erb.


Almost everything today contains a battery, and battery innovations are a major factor in the development of new devices. These devices, in turn, can transform markets and create new markets.

The May 2010 panel discussed the past, present, and future of electrochemical batteries, spanning the breadth of battery technologies from Pb-A and recent efforts with Pb-C to incorporate super-capacitor power in energy-storage media, to Li-ion batteries used to power consumer electronics and hybrid vehicles, to sodium beta-alumina batteries for utility and transportation energy storage.

Keynote Address

Patrick T. Moseley
President, Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium and Manager, Electrochemistry, International Zinc Research Organization, Inc.

Patrick T. Moseley

Patrick Moseley was awarded a Ph.D. for crystal-structure analysis in 1968 by the University of Durham, U.K., and a D.Sc. for research publications in materials science in 1994 by the same university. He worked for twenty-three years at the Harwell Laboratory of the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority, where he brought a background of crystal structure and materials chemistry to the study of lead–acid batteries, thus supplementing the traditional electrochemical emphasis of the subject.

Since 1995 he has been manager of electrochemistry at the International Lead Zinc Research Organization in North Carolina and program manager of the Advanced Lead–Acid Battery Consortium, an association of more than 50 organizations from around the world that have worked together for almost 20 years to meet the changing demands for battery power. In 2005 he also became president of the Consortium. Moseley has been one of the editors of the Journal of Power Sources since 1989.

The topic of Moseley’s talk was “The Lead-Acid Battery — 150 Years On: Gaston Planté’s invention responds strongly to the demands put upon it by future automobiles.”

About the Panelists

Albert A. Koenig (Moderator)
Vice President, American Refining and Biochemical, Inc.

Albert A. Koenig

Previously, while employed by General Electric, Albert Koenig designed and developed alternative energy products, including solar and wind power as well as sodium-sulfur batteries. Later, he helped re-establish sodium-sulfur development with Chloride Silent Power, Ltd., in Cheshire, U.K., when GE abandoned the technology. He has worked twelve years on cell and battery designs for electric vehicles and utility applications.

In the mid 1990s Koenig formed Silent Power Systems to use Na/S and Na/NiCl2 in a 250-kVA power enclosure for customer peak shaving, emergency power, and quality opportunities. Koenig has a Ph.D. in physics from Duke University.

Brijesh Vyas
Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, LGS Innovations

Brijesh Vyas

Brijesh Vyas is a distinguished member of the Bell Labs, New Jersey, technical staff with research interests in energy storage, materials, and corrosion. Currently he is a member of LGS Innovations, LLC (formerly Lucent Government Solutions). He has served on several NRC Committees, most recently on the NAS committee to Review the FreedomCar and Fuels Partnership programs.

Earlier he was technical manager of the Bell Labs energy-conversion technology group, leading rechargeable battery R&D for telecommunications applications. He worked at Brookhaven National Laboratory and as a guest professor at the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen. He received the Sam Tour Award from the American Society of Materials and Testing. Vyas holds a Ph.D. in materials science from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, and a bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering.

Kevin Smith
Director of Technology, East Penn Manufacturing

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith serves as technical director for East Penn Manufacturing Company, maker of batteries and battery accessories for automotive, commercial, marine, motive power, stationary, and specialty markets since 1946.

Smith joined East Penn in the Analytical Services Group in 1980. He is a member of the Battery Council International, the Technical Committee of the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium and the American Chemical Society. Smith earned a B.S. in science from the Pennsylvania State University.

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