JPS Luncheon: John J. Baldwin, “The Changing Face of Pharmaceutical Research”

John J. Baldwin

John J. Baldwin

In October 2010 we again celebrated innovation and entrepreneurship with the Joseph Priestley Society (JPS) Luncheon, featuring “The Changing Face of Pharmaceutical Research,” a presentation by John J. Baldwin, cofounder and board member of Hua Medicine.


The “Golden Age of Pharmaceutical Discovery” began after World War II and was dominated by Western Europe, the United States, and Japan. The contributions of these “power centers” to human health in the 20th century are profound and will be exemplified by the discovery of the major cardiovascular drugs. This period of rapid growth, which provided new and important medications, will be contrasted with the current situation surrounding pharmaceutical R&D. The strategies recently introduced by pharmaceutical companies to overcome the economic drivers of slower growth have resulted in the rise of new geographic centers of discovery, particularly China and India. Future evolutionary steps involving these Asian centers will be examined.

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About the speaker

John J. Baldwin has spent fifty years in drug discovery and on increasing the efficiency of the discovery process. While at Merck Research Laboratories he made important contributions to the discovery and development of Trusopt and Cosopt, Edecrin, Aggrastat, and Crixivan. Baldwin has also helped found three different companies: Pharmacopeia Inc., Vitae Pharmaceuticals, and Hua Medicine. He has been recognized by the American Chemical Society with the E. B. Hershberg Award and his nomination to the Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame, and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award by the University of Minnesota and the Philadelphia ACS Section Award in Chemistry.

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