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CHF is taking part in the fifth annual Philadelphia Science Festival, a citywide collaboration that brings together nine exciting days, from April 24 to May 2, filled with events that showcase science and technology in everyday life.

Part of a national movement to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, the festival builds on Philadelphia’s rich history of innovation with more than 100 events and 175 partner organizations around the Philadelphia area.

A full lineup of CHF’s festival events is listed below. For more information visit the festival website.

Philadelphia Science Festival Kickoff Party: 8-Bit Night

Kickoff PartyFriday, April 24Explore the Franklin Institute at the 2015 Philadelphia Science Festival Kickoff Party, an opening-night extravaganza featuring over 40 activities. Be a pinball wizard, play Galaga in the Fels Planetarium, dissect an arcade machine, and enjoy music from your favorite video games.

Explorer Sunday: A Journey through Philadelphia’s Rich Scientific History

Explorer SundaySunday, April 26. Hear a “Once Upon A Nation” storyteller, brought to you by Historic Philadelphia, Inc., reveal the tale of Thomas Jefferson’s mastodon. Take a tour of Pennsylvania Hospital’s historic surgical amphitheater, and peek inside one of Lewis and Clark’s notebooks from their famous exhibition. Explore CHF’s exhibitions on alchemy and the history of chemistry with guided tours and hands-on activities. Step into the shoes of a doctor during Philadelphia’s 1793 Yellow Fever epidemic while you experience the creation of soda pop.

Science on Tap Quizzo

Monday, April 27. Science on Tap presents its fifth annual PSF Science Quizzo. Teams square off to answer tidbits of science trivia in this all-out battle for top scientific prowess. This night of (un)scholarly-like competition is hosted by Quizmaster Jason Richardson of the Black Tribbles (2014 Geeks of the Year).

An Alchemist’s Toast to Health, Wealth, and Longevity

An Alchemists ToastTuesday, April 28. Raise your goblets and toast the alchemists, who promised that their philosophers’ stone could transmute lead into gold, heal a multitude of diseases, and provide an exceptionally long, youthful life. Come explore the fascinating world of alchemy, its surprising importance in the history of science and medicine, and the way alchemy’s values are carried on by modern scientific research.

Neighborhood Science

Neighborhood ScienceWednesday, April 29. Join us for a Hogwarts-themed adventure as we use our Harry Potter chemistry kit to make a Dancing Lights potion. But are we doing magic or science? Learn about the differences with this fun hands-on activity.

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