Scicurious, “Prozac, Welbutrin, and Zoloft: The Alphabet Soup of Antidepressants”

Science on Tap
Date: December 10, 2012
Time: 6:00 p.m.

National Mechanics
22 S. Third Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Event Type: Open to the Public
Fee: Free

Science on Tap is a monthly gathering that features a brief, informal presentation by a scientist or other expert followed by lively conversation.

Despite media portrayals of “the holiday blues,” numerous studies have found no uptick in suicide rates during winter months: in fact, increased emotional support from family and friends during the holiday season may result in lowered rates of depression and suicide. Either way, mental health is on our brain this month, when Science on Tap explores the history of antidepressants, our understanding of how they work, and their influence on current medical theory.

Scicurious is the celebrated anonymous blogger of Neurotic Physiology. With a B.S. in biology, a B.A. in philosophy, and a Ph.D. in physiology, she is a mild-mannered researcher by day and an active science blogger by night, where she writes about the good, the bad, and the weird in physiology and neuroscience. She is the winner of the Three Quarks Daily Top Quark Prize in Science Writing and has been published several times in The Open Laboratory Science Blog Anthology. Her writing has also been featured in Scientific American, the London Guardian, and the New York Times. She blogs at Neurotic Physiology and Scientific American’s “The Scicurious Brain.”

Presented by the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

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